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NEW PRICES From February 2011 IN EUROS
Dental consultation Free
Panoramic x-ray in Budapest 30
(free if followed by treatment)
X-ray (small) 10
CT Scan 80
Annual control dental examination 50
Scaling and polishing 70
Root canal treatment one canal 90
Root canal treatment 2 canals 150
Root canal treatment 3 canals 170
Aesthetic filling - Small 80
Aesthetic filling - Large 100
Crown build-up 80
Extraction 70
Gold Surcharge (per gram) 70
After root canal treatment a filling or crown will be needed
Prime Dental Special
1-hour professional teeth whitening with Zoom lamp and official Zoom kit
Conventional Teeth Whitening 250
Zirconium oxide crowns / bridge unit - we specialise in top quality crowns 391
Porcelain covered crowns / bridge unit (porcelain fused to metal), price includes porcelain shoulder 239
Porcelain covered implant crown 269
Zirconium veneers 370
Inlay/Onlay 250
Post/core 80
Post/core Gold 80 + gold
Short term Temporary Crowns 20
Long term Temporary Crowns 45
Nightguard 100
Add the price of the dental implant, the abutment and crown together to get the total price. The total price includes the implant, the healing attachment, the crown, the abutment and the surgical implant procedures.
Alpha-Bio Implant by Nobel 590
Standard Titanium abutment for Alpha-Bio Implant 150
Zirconium abutment for Alpha Bio Implant 250
Nobel Biocare Replace Implant 780
Nobel Biocare Active Implant 870
Standard Titanium abutment for Straumann implant 250
Zirconium abutment for Straumann implant 400
Straumann SLA Implant 850
Standard Titanium abutment for Straumann implant 250
Zirconium Abutment for Straumann 400
The nature of dental implant surgery is such that it is not always possible to accurately estimate the exact cost of the work although we do our best to give you reliable estimates. Sometimes extra procedures and materials such as CT scanning, bone grafting and membranes are required so that your implant surgery is successful.
Complete full removable Acrylic Denture (per denture) 590
Cast partial removable denture (per denture) 640
Temporary denture per tooth (up to 5 teeth) 80
Temporary denture (more than 5 teeth) 320
Precision attachment partial denture 1100
Precision attachment 280
Denture rebasing/relining 50
Sinus lifts 650
Membrane per piece 180
Bio-Oss bone grafting material 190/gram
Ot cap/Oring denture 700
Bone augmentation surgery 700
Sometimes it is not always possible to accurately predict the exact cost of bone grafting / augmentation until the actual surgery. Patients should always be aware that there may on occasion be extra costs so that your implant surgery will be successful. For instance it may be decided during the surgery that synthetic bone is required, and this had not been anticipated at the planning stage.
Surgical tooth extraction 130
Root resection 230
Wisdom tooth removal 150
Extraction with bone augmentation 120
Dormicum Produces sleepiness during surgery Free of charge
Prices are subject to change and we reserve the right to change them at anytime.
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